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Mente in English

Warm and effective – Mente is both!

Päijät-Hämeen sosiaalipsykiatrinen säätiö sr, also known as Mente Palvelut, has provided mental health and substance abuse services in Päijät-Häme for over 30 years. Our values are inclusion, responsibility and equality. We are easily approachable, accepting and safe – anyone can come to us as they are.

We are a local, non-profit service provider and a Social Enterprise. Our operations aim to solve social problems and to take social responsibility. Any profit is put directly towards our operations and their development.

Recovery is the goal

We continuously develop our services and competence in accordance with The Recovery Approach Orientation. Recovery and taking control of your own life is always an individual and variable process. A person’s recovery from mental health issues or illness is a journey along which the person finds new meaning in life and an identity that is separate from their illness. Mente Palvelut will support you on your journey.


We provide customer-oriented housing services and rehabilitation services for people recovering from mental health issues and substance abuse. Customers of all of our services will receive personal support with implementing their Recovery Action Plan. With the exception of Vertaistupa, all Mente services require a referral from the Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing or a payment commitment. To obtain a payment commitment, contact your care provider or the Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing’s social care advice and guidance service Polku.

You can send us a message, ask about our services, or leave us your contact details using the orange Ota Yhteyttä (Contact Us) link at the bottom-left of the screen. We will contact you!

Housing services

Our housing services are Service housing, 24 h Service housing and Supported housing. We provide housing services in units in Lahti and Heinola. In all of the housing services, the customer lives in an apartment rented from Mente Palvelut and receives services in their home in accordance with their level of housing support. In 24 h Service housing staff provide round-the-clock service.

Housing services customers receive care, treatment and support for independent living. In addition, the customer receives guidance on medical treatment, nutrition, housing and on how to manage everyday life, financial matters and errands.  Customers have the opportunity to participate in activity groups, trips and events.

Rehabilitation services

The rehabilitation services we provide include group activities, rehabilitative work activities, rehabilitation counselling and physiotherapy services. In rehabilitation services, the customer can promote their own health, wellbeing and participation through meaningful activities, social contact, and individual counselling. In groups and workshops, customers can fulfil themselves, be part of a community, feel important, receive personalised guidance for managing everyday life and strengthening their skills and increase their education and employment opportunities.

Group activity and rehabilitative work activity services are provided on the 6th floor of Toimintakeskus Osku in Lahti, at the address Vesijärvenkatu 11 B and C. Rehabilitative work activities are open to people who have an activation plan drawn up for them by social services, and who have been awarded a Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing service voucher.

The service centre in Heinola provides social rehabilitation through productive group activities and rehabilitation counselling.

Physiotherapy services are located on the 5th floor at Vesijärvenkatu 11 C. If necessary, we can provide services in the customer’s home. Our physiotherapy services include physiotherapy, group physiotherapy and psychophysical physiotherapy. These services can be accessed using a Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing medical rehabilitation service voucher or by paying for the service yourself.

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